Friday, September 25, 2009

Something happenned recently in United Nations General Assembly, check these out...

There are many events, that I should say, remarkable that happened in the recent eneral assembly of United Nations, these are the links, enjoy:

Gadaffi tear the Charter of United Nation

Ahmadinejad Speech

Barrack's counter Ahmedinejad speech

Monday, September 14, 2009

This is a response to a post by another blogger, in good faith...

This is the url, al you can read straight to the source:

Vote PAS: You'll be in heaven

The issue is simple, this is the result that a person should get when he support Islam. Islam have prescribe everything in our way of live, even on the manner of how this country should be administered and how the constitution should be. We have a constitution that says, 'this constitution is supreme law of the land, other law against or contradictory, ultra vire, thus becoming null and void, Art. 4 of the Federal Constitution. We have in the constitution that says, this country is a parliamentary democracy country, where people are regarded as the most supreme in this country and no other.

We have Islam that says, that you are a muslim and that you are ought to obey all what has been compelled upon you, in which adherance will entitle you heaven but defiance will grant us hell. We have before us that we must in any way upheld what was given by our God through the devine revelation, al-Quran and through the hadith, conduct and teachings of the prophet, pbuh. Our religion teaches us that we must and under duty to protect Islam with our life, if that is necessary. Further Islam only recognise a country that upheld Allah as the most supreme not human or people, that a country must have Islamic law and all things done must in good faith promotes Islam.

When we say that UMNO people does not promote Islam that they are not really into recognising God's law nor that they want Allah to be the supreme authority in the constitution of this country, we can say that when you do this, you go to hell and when you agaist this you'll go to heaven. Al-Quran and Hadith is quite clear on this, so what is wrong by saying UMNO people go to hell?

Allowing Lina Joy to renounce her religion

This issue has been a hot issue for quite sometime. It is very easy to comprehend. We must note that cases of murtad causes a negative impact on the face of Islam, when people convert out of Islam, thus showing the diminishing credibility of faith in Islam. One's faith in Islam is the work of God, as only Him allows or rejects that someone should have this 'hidayah'. We must also remember that murtad is a serious crime in Islam, that it is punishable with death, upon the attemp to revive the faith through advise.

Given the situation and time that we are living in, do you think that we actually can kill those who are murtad, in this country? The answer is no. Another question is, if you don't allow a no more believer to be called as muslim, will that in fact and also to God imply that she is a muslim? Again, the answer is no.

Many people are not aware that by having alot of people who, as to the law, called muslim, but their hearts doesn't give a shit about Islam is something wrong, from logical sense I suppose. Even one of the Malaysian greatest mufti stated that, what is the point of keeping this non-believers as muslim, it will invite more problems and more damage on the face of Islam. If the image of Islam were damaged by the muslims itself, can you imagine the image of Islam where, those who do not believe are called as muslim.

Even, the Syariah Court, in the state of Ngerei Sembilan have granted many application to convert out of Islam, not on the basis that convertion out of Islam is terribly wrong, but to the point of not keeping these people who are faithless in Islam, to be called muslim. Given that we cannot kill this people, still we call them muslim, we are we going?

I will continue further...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A piece of advise to Pakatan Rakyat

Please make Zaid Ibrahim as your next leader, he is the most suitable person to bring different people of various races and parties together, he have a moderate approach that acts as a good stabilizers of conflicts.

I may not be able to write much, but please take a look at these videos just for the why am I saying what I just stated above...