Monday, October 26, 2009

I have moved and unlocked my old blog...

After thinking for all these years, I have decided to open my old blog again and put all the posts in this blog there. There are many issues that I have address from my early blogging period until now.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Perak's MB Crisis: Between Legal Standing & Emotion...

I have made several remarks concerning the Perak MB's crisis. I am not changing the stand that I am taking of which I disagree with the finding of the court that it is suffice by the action of the Royal to pick a new Menteri Besar that at the same time it causes the effectiveness of non-confidence motion against the previous Menteri Besar.

The court on that particular situation was faced with the question whether the appointment of the new MB is valid in the absence of the motion of vote of no confidence. The court decided on behalf of the Barisan Nasional that appointment alone suffice to constitute that the previous MB have lost its majority. It was reasoned that extraneous circumstances revolving in Perak in connection of the event of the appointment is sufficient to consider that the previous MB have lost his majority.

There was reference made to the case in Sabah or Sarawak where a particular State Minister challenge the validity of resignation of the Chief Minister, in which he argued that only through the vote of no-confidence that can show a State Chief Minister cease from office, as such the court on the Perak's MB case, decided that in this situation the fact that the Chief Minister resigned is the extraneous circumstances taken to constitute that the Chief Minister cease to have office.

The application of this case is rebuttable in its application to the case concerning the Perak's MB crisis where the case which was relied on is where the Chief Minister tendered resignation letter but in Perak, there was no resignation letter tendered, as such if the correct interpretation of this case were to be used, it can be deduced that in event where there was no voluntary resignation made, extraneous circumstances cannot be applied, this the act of appointing the new MB is invalid.

On the vote of no confidence, this is the only method available to oust an Executive leader in a parliamentary system, when he refuses to resign when he does not command the support of the majority, this is the position provided by numerous Indian cases that I can't remember their names. So, here, although that BN in Perak may have the majority of assemblymen, they must put foward the motion of no-confidence as this is the only way to constitute a valid sacking of the current Menteri Besar of Perak, only through this manner that the respect upon the rights of the people in Perak is honoured, through the trust that they have placed in their representatives.

But since, the act of the Royal to appoint new MB is where the court bases its support, clearly the decision made transgressing the rights of the people of which this country belongs to. It defeats democracy and allows Royal anarchy in this country that supposed to have been a constitutional monarchy. I never disputed the right of the Royal to select the MB of their own choice but that can only be done after the decision of the people is honored.

I have a few videos that I have taken from the UMNO official website, judging the conduct of Pakatan Rakyat members in response of their protest over the appointment of the new BN's MB. I think their conduct is something so extreme and should have not happened, it is such a regret from them to be selected, but despite their conduct what should prevail is the right of the people.

Please correct or add my supportive authority, I am not at the luxury of time to make extensive research...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Depavali!!!

I wish to use this opportunity to say happy deepavali to all Malaysians especially to the Indians...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Response to BN unjustified claims of support in Bagan Pinang

The recent election in Bagan Pinang is something that is considered as beyond comprehension. It goes against the current political trend today. It is really difficult to understand, what actually causes BN to win? Is it because of Pakatan Rakyat’s inability to show unity? Is it because Isa is greatly pictured by the locals? Is it that Indians have chosen UMNO because of the respect given towards Makkal Sakti? or Is it because of the success of the plan of building better Malaysia through Najib’s concept of 1Malaysia? I don’t really know… – Posted by Aizuddin Sapian

Din, the results shown are so clear that people want Barisan Nasional back into power. I go everywhere and people today discuss about politics everyday, including those at mamaks stall, mid-aged makcik, and not to forget the bus driver as well. They are getting into Malaysian politics after the 12th general election because of the stumbleness and loopholes left by many political parties not to mention those who have durhaka to the King.

Obviously many of them are from Pakatan Rakyat leaders. What to mention? Its like a bunch of them. I can’t find one good leader from Pakatan with valuable contribution except for Zulkifli Nordin. Yes he had done a lot to the Muslim and the Malays. Its not too much for me to say that he is Pakatan’s saviour. Without him, Pakatan will lose even bigger.
So what actually these Pakatan leaders have done in the past two years?

They form blogs to insult the Royalty.
They kill those who will discover their secret activities.
They are in serious underworld gansters activities.
They fight for the survival of pigs and temples.
They even kicking each others’ asses and busted their own friends!
They think beer drinking is something to be called as fundamental liberties.

Most of the tags above are those referred to DAP and PKR, since I am of the opinion that PAS was the minor contributor to their recent defeat.

TGNA has gone beyond limit when he determines who shall go to heaven and who shall go the hell.

People are not stupid. All I can say that, Pakatan has left TGNA out of control and therefore his statements are being subjected to jokes and this is one of the consequence of causing their defeat.

This is why people are shifting back to Barisan Nasional.


This is my response:

Those remanrks that i made is not because i don’t actually understand the underlying cause of bn’s victory, it is just a statement of regret that the people there have chosen Isa from UMNO, in which Isa should not be blamed but the perwakilan at UMNO general meeting are at fault, they are the one who accepts Isa’s money and sacrifice their trust to represent their people…

It is very sad that the people don’t realize this, they are actually supporting UMNO leaders who are selected by those perwakilan that are not fit to be in UMNO, now that when the UMNO Perlembagaan changed giving no quota, more politicians in UMNO will play money than before where not all capable to contest…

Don’t say that the people are rejecting the Pakatan Rakyat all over as Bagan Pinang is BN’s stronghold equally to N9, Isa once ADUN there for a long time, that it is of no dispute that he is generous – where I don’t intend this to imply that he is corrupted, it is the Isa factor that is the major factor causing this win…

It is something that I must admit that certain Pakatan Rakyat members are stupid as they cannot maintain good relations between theselves, a sign of flaw, which to me the Pakatan must address and that the leaders have somehow address, look Karpal and Hadi once quarrel, now that they are good, in Selangor recently, issue has been settled by Tan Sri Khalid, it is clear that Pakatan is new and that their key persons are working towards unity…

On fighting for pigs and temples, those who condemns these actions in saying something that is against Islam, Islam preach freedom of religion, remember tiada paksaan dalam Islam which applies to the non-Muslims, so for non-Muslims to have temple shouldn’t be a problem, istead it must be embraced where only through this the beauty of Islam is reflected…

On babi, tiada Paksaan dalam Islam, meaning to say if people want to bela babi, knp mau larang, kalau cina mau bela untuk makan biarlah, tetapi pengawalan perlu ada, tak pernah pula dr duk cakap pasal untung genting yang masuk dalam duit kerajaan, fikir balik dahulu sahabat pernah respon kepada seorang wanita bukan mahram untuk berslam dengannya, dia kata, lebih baik aku menyentuh anjing daripada bersalam denganmu, maksudnya babi anjing haramnya tidak mendatangkan dosa sentuh dan sosial, tetapi ramai orang melayu sekarang walau selalu pergi masjid pun atau bertudung pun tetap tak kisah dalam hal2 sebegini, bende yang haram dan dosa jelas, benda yang haram tak dosa pun jelas, lagipunislam sudah ajak macam mana nak guna duit untung babi dan judi ini untuk digunakan…

about insulting the royals, memang patut, bukan sebab untuk kutuk the instituion of monarch in malaysia, but to kutuk those royals yang mengkhianati amanah tuhan terhadap mereka adalah justified, lebih2 lagi di malaysia ini, i have friends who talks about the conduct of these royals when they mix along, and how they misuse the people’s money not for beneficial purposes such as enjoyment and et cetera, imagine how many poor will be help if those wang pembaziran royal were to be used to help them…

you are fond of politics but if you still say that but kissing is something wrongful for PR, than what if we make comparison with this but kiss attitude in barisan, they are even worse than pakatan’s people…

dr. i thought you are smart, but you omit many factors and make claims without sufficient irrebuttable reasons, maybe people should stop calling you doctor la…

jgn mara ye sidek, dalam blog je mcm ni, hahaha…

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

People's voice must be upheld...

The recent election in Bagan Pinang is something that is considered as beyond comprehension. It goes against the current political trend today. It is really difficult to understand, what actually causes BN to win? Is it because of Pakatan Rakyat's inability to show unity? Is it because Isa is greatly pictured by the locals? Is it that Indians have chosen UMNO because of the respect given towards Makkal Sakti? or Is it because of the success of the plan of building better Malaysia through Najib's concept of 1Malaysia? I don't really know...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bagan Pinang: The outcome is everything...

I have made numerous remarks about the lection in Bagan Pinang, now to stop making it, let me just put it all here so there is no need for me to keep on saying about it all the time.

Bagan Pinang by election is very important because I believe that if the Pakatan Rakyat can win here, there is no doubt that they may be the federal government one day. Negeri Sembilan has always been the place that was once regerded as one of UMNO strongholds aside from Johor. If we were to look at the 8th general election, the swift was so clear that UMNO not just not that strong anymore but is heading to its destruction.

It is of no doubt that the supports of the non-malays will definitely go to the Pakatan Rakyat because they had been consistent in fighting for equality for all races in this country. But what make me say Bagan Pinang is important, is that it will show, who actually will be chosen by the Malays, whether UMNO or the Pakatan Rakyat, as such despite the votes of the non-Malays will be the determining factor, the dfference of the vote will reflect Pakatan Rakyat's chance of winning the next general election.

Some may say that Isa Samad is a famous man there and that he is highly regarded by the locals. I think this is not true, if I am not mistken, during the Mahathir's reign despite the people of Negeri Sembilan supports UMNO, they don't view Isa as an old and strong favourable factor but rather a disease that is difficult to get rid of. It was lucky for the people of Negeri Sembilan when Isa chose Mohamad Hassan to replace him.

Mohamad Hassan on the other hand is a man of progress, before his rule, Negeri Sembilan had an abundance of money but under Mohamad's administration, those money are spent, not we can see alot of progress in Negeri Sembilan. He is a thinker of some sort, where he always preach his ideas of how can we go futher. He is also good in a sense that, when he go on campaigning for the election, he'll rarely crticize people personally but he focus on what should be done for the benefit of all. He also strive for the change of Malay negative cultures. I do have the confidence that if Mohamad Hassan were to campaign for Isa, there are some handsome possibility for Isa to win. But as a piece of advise, the regime of which he is staying now is going down because they don't give way to changes, I suggest that Mohamad join Pakatan Rakyat, only here his voices of change will be heard by the leaders but not in UMNO.

Back on Isa, I believe that people don't vote because of the candidate, people will look at the party at large, only that a person is so good, like Shahrir Samad, Mohamad Hassan, Tengku Razaleigh, Zaid Ibrahim, and not many more, where people vote because of the candidate. The indication was people now vote according to the party line, this is reflected with the recent general election where Samy Vellu and Shahrizat were defeated at their constituencies. Shahrizat to me is very good at performance but the desire of the people to reject UMNO were to strong to be shadowed by Shahrizat's good reputation. Now we have Isa, when he was the Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan was highly critisized by the supporter of government and further involved in bribing the UMNO delegates to become UMNO's naib presiden, I think judging from this respect Isa is going to lose.

As for UMNO, they will lose, because they say and admit the need for change but they never acted as such they are heading to that direction, still they have no respect for the mutual respects with a country with different race composition. Pakatan Rakyat will win because they are supported by almost all non-Malays and most of the Malays as UMNO promise to help Malays, they don't do so anymore now and that is why they keep on harping on UMNO's past glory and contributions.

For A Better Malaysia...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Semester Ini: Mencabar...

Pada semester lepas saya mendapat pointer yang agak rendah dan mengikut kiraan jumlah pointer terkumpul, semuanya, 2.72. Walaupun ada ura2 yang mnegatakan bahawa kalau dapat 2.70, tidak akan ada saringan untuk memasuki honest, tetapi keadaan ini tetap merisaukan. Walaubagaimanapun, tidak apa yang boleh dilakukan untuk memperbetulkan ini, kerana periksa semester lepas telahpun berlalu.

Azam saya semester ini adalah untuk datang kelas selalu seperti masa awal2 dahulu, kerana melihat akan keadaan pointer yang begitu amat tak cukup makan, memang perlu kepada selalu datang kelas untuk memperbaikinya. Malangnya, situasi yang sama berlaku dimana masalah kurang datang kelas menjadi lebih teruk, walaupun saya patut sepenuhnya dipersalahkan, tetapi izinkan saya menyatakan penghalang2 untuk ke kelas:

1. Pada awal semester, dalam 3 minggu pertama, ada halangan, iaitu, masalah kelas tak tetap dan tak pasti, seingat saya adalah dalam 5 ke 6 kelas saya ke fakulti dan ck untuk pergi kelas, disebabkan banyak sangat komplikasi, sampai 5 atau 6 kali tak jumpa kelas atau tiada kelas.

2. Habis sahaja minggu2 tersebut masalah baru timbul, iaitu cuti semester awal, alasan mencegah penularan wabak H1N1, pada ketika ini saya masih sihat, tetapi diakhir cuti tersebut saya demam selama 3 minggu dan hanya punyai MC selama seminggu, banggalah juga kerana walaupun demam tiga minggu, hanya seminggu shaja nampak sakit, yang lagi dua minggu dah biasa, alhamdulillah pulih. Jadi waktu minggu2 selepas cuti inilah waktu sukar sangat nak ke kelas, demam, memang tak sedap badan.

3. Selesai demam, masalah baru muncul, saya telah digigit beruk di punggung di Taman Pertanian Bukit Cerakah, rasanya tak sakit, tapi proses pemulihannya memang sakit. Sepatutnya hanya seminggu diperlukan untuk pulih, tetapi luka kena infection dan makan totally dalam 3 minggu untuk baik, alhamdulillah baik, tetapi banyak kelas saya tak dapat datang, walaupun begitu saya tetap mengikuti perkembangan kelas dengan bertanya dan melakukan study sendiri.

4. Setelah lama sangat tempoh masalah dengan kelas, akhirnya walau tidak ada masalah memang susah nak ke kelas, ketika ini waktu tidur pun dah berubah, siang tidur malam berjaga. Walau saya dah cuba nak kembalikan waktu tidur tidak berjaya, hanya sedikit sahaja kelas yang saya pergi namun saya tetap mengikuti apa yang dipelajari.

5. Hanya selepas raya, dapat dipulihkan tidur, hari ini pun sepatutnya saya pergi ke kelas, pagi tadi saya bangun lambat, disebabkan malam tadi tiada tempat tidur dan untuk kelas bersama dr bahrain, masa nak pergi hujan, saya dapat hantar mesej tak dapat hadir, disebelah petang patut ada kelas juris pukul 2pm, tapi saya tak datang disebabkan malas, dah sehari tak pergi kelas, jawabnya, tinggal satu kelas langsung tak pergi, to be honest, minyak motor pun tiada nak ke kelas, sedihnya...

Sekarang, mengapa saya katakan semester ini mencabar?

1. Dengan pelbagai masalah yang ada tadi, memang mencabar, saya akui kalau ada semangat kuat, semua itu tidak ada hal, tapi saya harap saya kuat, tetapi tidak...

2. Masalah dengan lecturer, tak tahu sama ada boleh pass satu subjek ni ke tak, aku akan berusaha sendiri, serahkan pada tuhan pass atau tidak, tuhan itu maha adil bukan?

hahaha, saje nak kongsi...