Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hail Malaysia: 4-2 over Indonesia at AFF Suzuki Cup!

It is one of my greatest regret not being able to watch them play live at the Bukit Jalil stadium. After watching the match at Indonesia at one of my friend's house I cannot say anything else but ride on my bike tour around to see the celebration happening at KL city.

I was so amazed seeing the groups at one of a traffic light juncture in Cheras - all wearing the yellow national squad shirt and honoring our flag while shouting the Malaysia Boleh! solgan, everyone else was cheering - that moment brought strangers together.

Well, I am not going to write much but to continue riding in KL to see more of the celebration.

Malaysia Boleh!

Finally I can see A Better Malaysia!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Update 25/12/2010

Well, I am glad to say that I am still unemployed after Two (2) Weeks search for a decent job. I have to say that securing a job is not something that everybody finds in the list of their likings. But, at this moment I am still waiting for some response, whether from government or the private sector - whichever comes first.

I am not so frustrated being at this position as yesterday I learned from one recruitment consultant that it is normal at the end of year, employers are not looking for admission of new employees but rather to attend to other matters such as closing of account, giving of bonuses, and many other affairs of a company.

It is also not a bad news, now not being able to get a job, I work on my own as a computer specialist, dealing primarily into repairs of computers and laptops, formatting, and many other related services. I find myself happy doing this business as although I am fresh, I have began to have my own frequent customers who continues to give me more business opportunities.

Maybe one of the reason that why, customers are coming fast is that because I offer a very cheap price for repairs and formatting. Recently I went to a computer repair shop and inquire about how much they charge for workmanship alone - it's RM 45-00, excluding the percentage that they will take from the hardware replacement and other charges. I said to myself, fuck - it's damn expensive. As for me, my price is far below market price, for computer repairs I only charge RM 30-00 for all kinds of repairs no matter how difficult it is. Please look below to have a clear comparison of my price and market price:


format & drivers - RM 60.00;
repairs                - RM 45.00 (workmanship);
hardware            - (hardware original price + percentage); &
transportation     - customers' own initiative.


format & drivers - RM 40.00;
repairs                - RM 30.00;
hardware            - only hardware original price (even original receipt is given to customer!); &
transportation      - RM 10.00.

So, maybe from what I offer above, no wonder why I receive customers so fast and at a constant and increased rate. I am quite satisfied that I am able to sell something below market price!

Aside from above, right now, I have just had a meeting with the father of one of my friend concerning being an insurance agent. After the meeting, I am quite surprised that insurance agent do make good money - depending on how hardworking they are.

From that moment, I thought I should take this insurance business to be my part time jobs. If we look into this matter, insurance is something where you buy - those who has an insurance will benefit. Look at the world today, cost are rising, government hospitals are offering below par standard service and most important is today is the day where to secure some saving is extremely difficult.

To look at it, given these problems, insurance is a good way to secure any man living in today's world. If one finds it difficult to save - they can save through insurance as more personal financial discipline can be imposed. If one jumps into mischief - trouble, insurance is there to cover for hospital bills and even give you daily allowance by staying at hospital alone as you are not working. I something bad happened to you - no worries, insurance is there to back you up.

I myself will take an insurance next months, a bit on savings and investment - I am still young I may not opt for medical insurance - maybe there's no need for it, right now - I guess...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It is not easy to make a choice about your work...

I has been three years and six months time for by Bachelor of Legal Studies, which supposedly end within that three years but I took extra six months to get it done. Still I am not sure what is the outcome, these two last subjects is giving me all the headache as to the time you have to extend in order to complete this degree.

I can say that those who extend at the end of their degree time - they lost many things as I do, most of all, friends, they are not gone forever, it is just that they go on their separate ways as we and those who pass in time just do not have the same concern.

I am still waiting for my results for these last two subjects, one of which is my third seating paper, I do not know, how it is possible for me to sit for this paper three times and the other one of which I spoiled on study before exams. It's pain to fail a paper that you cannot find a way to fail.

But there are some good news despite being a loner now, extension with only two subjects allowed me to work and I have gotten myself my first property that is my bike, quite expensive, but I am dying to afford to pay for this bike now. Every time I look at my pain all the pain is just gone, compensated by its beauty, it is like your love when you love something you brace the pain and you love doing it.

Now, I am at a crossroad, to figure what to do afterward. It's weird that I used to forecast and devise plans for others but when it comes to me facing my own options - I am unable to decide, I do not know what I want. What I am sure of and make me move is that in this world all of us will have things to bear and to be accountable for. This is the only reason - as for now - give strength for me to continue.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I love my new bike!

Not just that it's nice and it's fast too, I had the chance of tapauing one yamaha fz150i at seremban highway recently, that bike dont stand a chance!

But of course, my bike cannot tapau superbike, the same day from melaka, while i was speeding at 150km/h at the highway, two kawasaki ninja er-6f coming from behind, they are damn fast, I was down a bit then and took the left lane, what to do, I swear to good, when i'm a bit settle in my life, i'm going to buy a suzuki hayabusa or equivalent to that.

But seriously, the speed of my bike i decent, i can chase a malaysian waja, of course with a lot of effort with the winds coming on my face. I realise that, my free helmet don't offer much help, when i'm fast, there's tendency for the helmet to come off but still better than i had with me previously.

But people say, the speedometer on the bike is not that accurate, the reading fastest i've gone so far is 200km/h but I can say that in that moment you hear nothing but wind blasting your body and i get scared easily, cars that are so far away getting close to you real fast.

Now, I do speed but not to that extent (200km/h), only when necessary. On cornering, I still have yet to master how to do it fast, I think i should take it slowly, if accident, need money to repair the bike some more, hahhaa... but still today at federal highway at the exit pusat bandar shah alam, i tried that corner, not so fast around 70-80km/h, the feeling is orgasmic! hahaha...

now i do not know what to say some more, in simple, the speed is making me crazy!

Rokok price hike: Good thing but bad for me!

It was yesterday that I had the chance to buy my last pack of winston-red-20's (hope this will be the last), I prepared enough MYR 7.80 and I was informed by the shop guy, "...not any more, now it's MYR 8.50..", in my heart I said "WTF!", then immediately I tender extra cash for it.

"Insane!", the proper word to use to describe this hike, but what can all smokers do, it's not a good thing (to smoke) after all. Now, I'm setting my mind to quit smoking, what I do, I roll the cigarette myself, hope by the time comes, I should be able to lead this life cigarette free.

Those who know me out there, pray for my success, truly I can save a lot by not smoking winston today. I save MYR 8-50 today, that's a great value, hahaha...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my new bike: kawasaki kips 150cc

i just can stop myself from telling people that i'm buying this new bike...

initially, what i had in mind was that i should have one nice bike for me to as i'm giving up using car as the cost is too much to bear (toll/gas/maintenance/road tax & insurance), unless i own myself a brand new car with less maintenance problem...

i inform my father about it, he was mad at me, telling me not to buy a new bike, but, i've been saving to buy a new car, now that i don't want a car, i want a bike instead, i hope he'll forgive me for chasing my dream and believing in it...

not long ago i place an order for yamaha fz150i, i was so excited as nothing much that i know about this bike except that it has a nice mean naked look, not long afterwards, i discovered that they are few other bikes that close in price range that is better than this lc upgrade version of yamaha (honda cbr 150/ kawasaki ninja 250r)...

one of my friend suggested that i should get a nice beginners sport bike (kawasaki ninja 250r), i was on the lookout for almost a week, luckily it was not too late for me to discover that the cash otr price for this 250r kiwi bike is rm 22,800-00 - which is totally beyond what i can afford...

then the second day of raya, i had the chance to meet one of my cousin, an ex rempit, he suggested me that it is such a waste if i buy the yamaha fz150i, he explained the details, among others, not fast (p/s: this kiwi krr 150 can go up to 205km/h!) - i was quite suprised, immediately i changed my order to this kiwi kips bike fr rm 10,000-00 otr...

check the speed of this bike of this youtube video:

now, i can sleep in peace, while waiting for exams to come, i'm also waiting for my kips to come out soon maybe a week from now, i am just too happy to keep this to myself, so take a look at the pics below, to see the rough idea:-

yamaha fz150i: otr rm 8500-00

 kawasaki ninja 250r: otr rm 22,800-00

my choice, kawasaki ninja krr 150: otr rm 10,000-00

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oppurtunity/ Peluang

I am taking this opportunity to wish all Malaysians Happy Ramadhan, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

I hope this Ramadhan and Raya, we will take this great opportunity to ask forgiveness amongst ourselves regardless what we may believe.

Always remember, for a country like ours, the only way for us to be strong is by embracing diversity.

I hope all readers can pray for my success in my coming final examinations and any future undertakings.

For A Better Malaysia!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rising Cost of Living: Danger to us all...

Again, it has been a long time since i opened this blog, but I cannot prevent myself from writing this one.

To think about it, I can feel how the grip of inflation is strangling my neck and ours. God, what happened?

I came across one ads in the paper, Berita Harian today about some investment scheme for retirement, about how your children cannot, in the future, support you as everything when it comes to money is not the same as before, the money the we and/or they get is not enough for them alone.

I find that nowadays, its very difficult to secure a job, a decent one. Even if you've secured one in my field, law, still, it cannot in some ways, accommodates you - comforts. I heard, salary for a lawyer, beginning is only around RM 2,000-00. Think again, you might want to buy a car, a house, insurance (life, car-related, and others), utility(s)' costs, and daily consumption. Looking at these, you think how much a person can save for a month from what he gets?

Tun Dr. Mahathir recently said that, raising the income of the mass - has its drawbacks, specifically on the devaluating of our currency. He proposes that it's not the salary of the mass that should be increased but, the capability of our legal tender (money) to afford more things than what it can afford now. Seriously, I'm missing on this, hope, anyone can explain how it works.

I've also came across this notion of expansionary monetary policy, where the government spend for material developments so that the economy grows, opening more opportunities to the people to work and have more money.

I've also came across that people say, now there are too many players already in any business field, which makes a person who try from scratch to be a big one, is totally difficult. I say this is a bad luck to the current young generations.

It's disappointing to hear all of these, one man also said to me, nowadays the best thing to do is, to get a job and not to do business. He said, it's better one obtains a secured income and with moderate spending, so that saving is a reality. This is to me so discouraging, I don't know how to put it.

All in all, I don't know what I am trying to say, what is clear to me is that, "alamak, susahla macam ni"...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

PM Najib Tun Razak

I just want to share will all who reads this blog about our current prime minister. It has been awhile since the last time that I make comments about our politics. Because of that I may not be as critical as I once before.

I believe that the announcement made by the PM recently, giving a hint that election will be near, is a correct approach to be taken by Barisan Nasional. As you can see, the economy is improving, job markets continue to slowly improve in a way that it offer (slowly) job opportunities to the people. The general community at large has reasonable power of buying, making small businesses continue to stay on the fight. All in all, I say the economy is getting better, with a lot of offer by the government to lure investors and to create an utopia of business here.

Looking at the opposition, I believe that they are stupid, primarily because they are given 5 years time to prove that they are worthy government to few states, but they failed, they are unable to prevent the power strike and respect upon each others decision about what is best for the state. Although the states concerned performed well, I must say that political discrepancy is very dangerous in any political structure as it will likely to affect the state as well.

I do not understand why, these people are so week, come on, 5 years is not so long for them to sustain, be strong on each other, tolerate the pain - in facing challenges from the Barisan Nasional aligned party. Now that they have failed.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

LLB oh LLB...

I am sure that almost everyone who take law degree in itm Shah Alam would have the desire to pursue the LLB one year course but I must say that I feel sad as now I am among those who are now stranded with various reasons.

But people say, there's 'hikmah' at the end of the road, yeah that is true also as now i have a decent job, and the pay through time is gettin decent everyday - somehow this help me to get rid of this disappoinment...

I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate all my fren and the people that i know for their success of taking llb this semester, i pray that they have success and a great future a head...

thank you...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tahniah Barisan Nasional

Saya ingin ambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan tahniah diatas kemenangan Barisan nasional dalam pilihanraya kecil di kawasan Hulu Selangor baru2 ini. Memang ternyata bahawa Barisan Nasional telah berjaya memulihkan imejnya dikalangan rakyat negara ini. Kepada penyokong parti Pakatan Rakyat, jadikanlah apa yang berlaku tempohari sebagai pengajaran supaya harapan membawa perubahan di Malaysia tercapai.

Saya menulis ini bukan hanya semata-mata untuk mengucap tahniah kepada Barisan Nasional, tetapi saya mempunyai mesej kepada pendukung dan penggerak dalam Pakatan Rakyat - sesiapa yang berkenaan.

Adalah sesuatu yang menyedihkan melihat apa yang telah berlaku kepada Pakatan Rakyat baru2 ini. Tindakan keluar parti yang banyak dilakukan adalah sesuatu yang tidak boleh diterima lagi. Mungkin suatu ketika dahulu bahawa siapa yang keluar parti akan dilabel sebagai pengkhianat kepada pilihan rakyat, yang secara umumnya menyokong parti daripada calon itu sendiri. Tetapi sekarangt sudah terlalu ramai dan masyarakat umum tidak lagi memandang tindakan keluar parti itu merupakan satu langkah yang paling akhir atau bukan satu kebiasaan. Ini adalah amat merbahaya memandangkan bila rakyat sudah menunjukkan kemampuan untuk memaafkan ahli2 yang lompat, ini menunjuk bahawa Pakatan Rakyat semakin hilang pengaruhnya.

Seperkara lagi berkenaan dengan Parti Keadilan, bagi saya parti ini sakit, kerana terlalu ramai ahlinya yang keluar parti. Sebagai parti yang menjadi jambatan kepada dua parti kaumj utama iaitu PAS dan DAP, kewibawaan parti Keadilan sepatutnya lebih membanggakan, tetapi realiti sekarang amat menyedihkan. Terlalu banyak kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh orang2 bekas PKR tentang buruknya Anwar. Realitinya tidak mengapa bila orang lawan seperti parti UMNO mengutuk pembangkan, tetapi kalau bekas pembangkang sendiri yang mengutuk pembangkang, ini sesuatu yang tidak boleh dibiarkan kerana mereka mempunyai peluang untuk mempengaruhi pemikiran rakyat berkenaan dengan kebolehan untuk menerima cerita.

Kini saya fikir DSAI memang lemah kerana tidak dapat mengawal orang dalam parti sendiri, jikalau PKR tak mau ubah mungkin impian untuk menang pilihyan raya seterusnya akan berubah.

Berkenaan dengan Barisan Nasional, rakyat kini mempunyai perasaan yang dingin terhadap pakatan, bukan sahaja Barisan sudah berjaya memulih persepsi, malah Batisan Nasional kini sudah sedikit demi sedikit mengambil apa yang telah diperjuangkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat. Contoh, lihat konsep 1 Malaysia - kalau takda penerimaan rakyat terhadap konsep Malaysian Malaysia, sudah tentu tidak akan ada slogan 1 Malaysia ini. Lihat perkara lain, dalam hal kebajikan rakyat, Barisan nasional sudah nampak mengambil berat terhadap kebajikan rakyat - lebih2 lagi kerajaan bawah pimpinan Najib, memang telah berjaya menawan hati rakyat. Banyak lagi hal2 yang kerajaan telah berjaya dan jika Pakatan Rakyat masih gagal membuktikan kemampuan mereka menjadi alternatif kepada kerajaan Barisan Nasional, sah memang next election, Pakatan kalah.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Disebalik Tabir: Majlis Pra-Graduasi Fakulti Undang2 UiTM

Saya menulis post ini untuk memberi gambaran dan maklumat mengenai majlis pra-graduasi yang telah diadakan semalam. Saya juga ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada ahli jawatankuasa majlis yang telah melaksanakan majlis tersebut dengan jayanya. Walaupun pelbagai halangan yang mereka hadapi, apa yang telah saya saksikan malam tadi adalah satu bukti bahawa memang orang2 yang menjalankan majlis tersebut bukan calang2 orang kerana halangan yang mereka hadapi adalah amat sukar.

Salah seorang daripada ketua pelajar, N, batch tersebut sepatutnya mengambil tanggungjawab untuk menjalankan majlis tersebut, tetapi beliau tidak mahu melakukannya demi menjaga kepentingan para pelajar lain. Pada pandangan beliau, pelajar part tersebut adalah sedikit liar - oleh kerana risau akan reputasi para pelajar terjejas di mana para pentadbir dan pensyarah, beliau tidak melakukan majlis tersebut.

Tugas untuk melaksanakan majlis tersebut kemudian diambil oleh seorang lagi pelajar, A, yang hanya mempunyai masa kurang dua bulan untuk menjayakan majlis tersebut. Pelbagai pandangan dicari, sama ada dari segi kesesuaian, tempat, kepuasan pelajar dan sebarang permintaan. Boleh dikatakan hampit sebulan masa digunakan untuk merancang, mendapat kelulusan proposal, mengumpul tenaga kerja yang terdiri daripada pelajar sendiri dan memilih tempat.

Tugas2 ini adalah amat sukar, walaupun nitijahnya agak mudah, keadaan masa yang suntuk, kerenah (permintaan) yang ada, dan kekangan2 lain menjadikan tugas memulakan majlis ini, merupakan antara perkara yang paling susah untuk dilakukan. Boleh kata, kalau dulu ada masalah tak sampai sakit kepala sampai sebulan, tapi kali ini hampir sebulan, kepala mesti akan merasa sakit.

Tidak lama kemudian tugas tersebut digalas oleh orang lain, A, diatas sebab2 tertentu, orang sebelumnya, menarik diri. Ternyata kehadiran orang ini di dalam ahli jawatan kuasa merubah segalanya, bajet dapat kelulusan dan perancangan yang lebih rapi dan telus telah dilakukan. Memang terbukti bahawa orang ini adalah seorang insan yang hebat, tetapi sehebat-hebatnya, orang tersebut telah jatuh sakit dan terpaksa duduk berehat untuk maktu sekian lama.

Dalam keadaan tersebut, ketika dalam masa yang akhir2 sebelum majlis tersebut berlaku, 2 orang dari ahli jawatankuasa, (P & A), telah mengambil tanggungjawab, tenyata mereka adalah penyelesai masalah yang rumit, walaupun hanya tinggal beberapa hari sahaja, mereka telah berjaya menggerakkan ahli jawatankuasa terhadap tanggungjawab masing2 dan sehingga pada hari2 akhir, pelbagai masalah yang timbul dapat deselesaikan dan hasilnya dapat dilihat pada malam tadi - kelancaran majlis, makanan yang sedap, para pensyarah dan pelajar yang amat berpuas hati.

Inilah yang saya maksudkan sebagai manusia2 yang hebat, mereka berjaya melaksanakan majlis ini dengan jayanya - segala konflik telah diatasi dengan bijak dan matang, tahniah saya ucapkan sekali lagi kepada semua ahli jawatan kuasa.

Tetapi izinkan saya menyatakan beberapa kritikan disini, kepada yang berkenaan:

1 - Kegiatan membawa cerita hendaklah difikirkan dahulu sebelum dilakukan, siasat dahulu kebenarannya, fahami dahulu bahawa memang betul bawa cerita atau pun salah faham, selepas itu barulah mengambil tindakan masing2, jangan terlalu cepat melenting - kerana kadang2 perkara yang tidak benar dan perkara yang berasaskan salah faham menjadi sumber perpecahan. Dalam mengambil tindakan, janganlah terlalu ekstrem, setiap orang yang waras, akan punyai sebab munasabah untuk melakukan sesuatu, berkomunikasilah dengan cara yang baik, tak perlu hendak terlalu ofensif atau terlalu defensif - kedua2 pihak memain peranan.

2 - Hormatilah, segala cadangan atau permintaan, walaupun tidak munasabah, hendaklah ianya dihormati - tidak semestinya kita menghormati sesuatu cadangan yang kita perlu mengikutinya. Apabila kita belajar menghormati cadangan dan saranan, ia sebenarnya akan mendidik kita agar bersikap sederhana dan tidak terlalu defensif untuk mempertahankan diri kita., dan sebagai kesan melahirkan suasana yang tenteram kurang konflik.

3 - Kotakanlah janji kita, jikalau satu pihak telah melakukan satu pengorbanan besar untuk tindakan dari pihak yang satu lagi, maka adalah tidak wajar pihak yang satu lagi untuk mengkhianati perjanjian tersebut. Ingatlah, apabila satu pihak tadi sanggup melaksanakan satu pengorbanan besar - maka ia beranggapan bahawa pihak yang lagi satu itu mempunyai kualiti yang amat tinggi dan amat diperlukan, adalah kejam untuk meninggalkan perjanjian tersebut.

4 - Bersederhanalah dalam semua hal, kita tidak rugi apa2 kalau bersikap sederhana, malah kita amat beruntung kalau bersikap demikian, bukan sahaja kemahuan kita dipenuhi, malah orang lainb pun tidak jadi marah - kita hidup didunia ini mungkin lama atau sekejap, mahu atau tidak akan berjumpa, jikalau ada sakit hati itu, maka jumpa pun tak sedap, ini adalah satu keadaan yang merugikan kedua2 pihak.

Itulah pandangan saya berkenaan majlis ini, keseluruhan, majlis ini berjaya memenuhi objektifnya - fakulti mahu akademik pengisian dan pelajar mahu keriangan sebelum berpisah untuk semester akhir bagi sesetengah pelajar. Yang masalah bukan hal kerja, tetapi sikap dan hati kita.

Saya pohon maaf jikalau ada pihak yang terasa makan hati, tetapi percayalah, apa yang saya tulis ini bukan untuk mengutuk tetapi lebih untuk berkongsi pendapat saya dan nasihat sesama kita, saya pun bukan sempurna dan terbuka kepada teguran.


"United We Stand"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I find politics is boring nowadays...

For some reason that I can't explain, I find myself not fond of politics nowadays, I do not know the reasons, but what I can say is, you look at my blog and you see nothing is updated on politics...

But there some things that I must share with all of those who still read my blog. I have been so busy doing things, where I have motive behind it, when it is bad, I find myself prevented to achieve any success that can be measured monetarily. All what I get are only values, which I don't really know whether it is good for me or bad.

I must also say that I am at the crossroad of my life, I know that they are many things that I must choose, but somehow, I am unable to make the choice, even if I know a choice is right - most of the time, I do not have the courage to do so, and when I have the courage to make that choice, it is already too late.

That is why, I am writing now, to ask favor from all who can help, family and friends, I need support, I am not strong and I take what people say seriously. So, if anyone out there who can help me, any kind of help, I welcome you and I'll very happy to consider.

I don't know what is happening to me...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Satu Cadangan kepada Kerajaan Barisan Nasional

Ekonomi kini, walau dalam keadaan yang kurang selesa, tetapi boleh dikatakan bahawa ia stabil untuk negara. Walaupun begitu rakyat terutama golongan berpendapatan rendah masih lagi tersepit dengan peningkatan harga barang. BUkan itu sahaja, graduan universiti juga sukar untuk mendapat pekerjaan yang tetap disebabkan pengembangan ekonomi yang perlahan.

Atas sebab diatas saya mencadang agar kerajaan mengambil langkah proaktif yang lebih besar untuk mengembangkan ekonomi langsung memberi peluang pekerjaan kepada rakyat. Apa yang boleh dilakukan, kerajaan jika tidak mahu mengguna tanah di dalam negara, perlu melakukan pelaburan yang besar di negara2 membangun dan cuba untuk menghantar rakyat negara ini untuk bekerja disana sama ada dalam bidang professional atau pun buruh.

Banyak sektor perniagaan yang boleh diterokai, contoh, di Indonesia, kita boleh meningkatkan pendapatan pertanian dengan menggunakan tanah mereka yang luas dan tenaga pekerja mereka yang murah, tindakan yang di ambil oleh Tabung Haji untuk melabur di Indonesia adalah satu cara yang patut dipertingkatkan lagi. Bagitu juga PETRONAS yang melakukan cari gali di luar negara.

Di dalam negara pula kerajaan perlu meneruskan projek2 mega, kerana ia akan membarikan kontrak yang amat banyak. Dari kontrak tersebut akan lahirlah lebih banyak peluang2 pekerjaan dan juga peluang2 perniagaan sama ada sewaktu penyiapan projek mahupun setelah projek siap, semua lapisan masyarakat akan dapat menikmati dari peruntukan yang diberikan.

Anatar aprojek2 nesar di dalam negara yang boleh saya namakan disini adalah penggalian terusan antara sempadan Thailand dan Malaysia yang akan membuka peluang pekerjaan yang amat besar, bukan sahaja ia akan menghasilkan peluang pekerjaan yang besar malah peluang perniagaan dan pelaburan luar tanpa henti.

Dalm usaha memberi kemudahan kepada rakyat, kerajaan boleh memecahkan monopoli peruncit dan pemborong dalam pembekalan barangan asas kepada rakyat. Kerajaan boleh menubuhkan satu syarikat francise yang mampu untuk memberikan barangan asas pada harga murah dan juga peluang pekerjaan yang banyak dari segi pengurusan, penghantaran, pembantu pemasaran dan juga pembantu kedai. Konsep kedai seperti ini patut mampu dicapai oleh segenap besar masyarakat.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Utusan Malaysia tidak adil!

Sudah lama saya tidak menulis di blog ini dan tulisan ini adalah rentetan daripada kecenderungan akhbar utusan membawa berita seruan daripada golongan ternama kristian sendiri supaya menarik penggunaan kalimah Allah sebagai rujukan kepada tuhan.

Baru2 ini saya pun telah menulis di dalam blog saya yang lain bahawa tiada masalah besar kalau mereka nak guna nama Allah nak rujuk pada tuhan, sebab yang saya beri ialah memang terbukti di dalam sejarah bahawa Allah adalah perkataan universal masyarakat arab terhadap rujukan atau panggilan terhadap tuhan.

Tetapi saya rasa terpanggil untuk menjelaskan lebih lanjut berkenaan perkara ini, kerana pada penulisan terakhir saya tulis atas pagar, di sini biar saya nyatakankan pandangan saya. Saya tidak mempunyai masalah orang kristian Malaysia mahu guna nama Allah sebagai rujukan terhadap nama tuhan diatas sebab2 berikut:

1 - Tidak wajar umat Islam kini rasa tercabar kerana pada zaman Nabi S.A.W. dahulu dikalangan masyarakat arab, tidak sekali pun Nabi S.A.W. membantah orang bukan Islam yang beragama selain Islam menggunakan nama Allah sebagai rujukan kepada nama tuhan mereka. Malah masyarakat arab dahulu, sama ada Yahudi atau Nasrani tidak menolak bahawa Allah itu tuhan malah tuhan yang mereka sembah (tetapi telah menyimpang, walaubagaimanapun, mereka tetap sembah Allah), mereka hanya menolak mengapa Nabi S.A.W. diturunkan dikalangan arab jahiliah sehina-hina, sesesat-sesat kaum pada ketika itu.

Jikalau pada waktu tersebut ditika Nabi S.A.W. hidup tiada bantahan pun terhadap penggunaan Allah, dari mana kita dapat justifikasi bahawa Allah itu ekslusif nama tuhan orang Islam. Bukankah Kristian juga sembah Allah sama seperti zaman Nabi dahulu, dimana dulu ada tritini sekarang pun ada triniti yang dibawa (diubah dari asal) oleh Saint Paulus.

2 - Sebab kedua saya ialah, tidak lain dan tidak bukan bahawa tiada justifikasi untuk larang orang Kristian guna nama Allah sebagai rujukan pada tuhan bukan datang dari agama tetapi dari ketakutan yang ada pada sesetengah orang Islam yang berbangsa Melayu yang mempunyai maslah infeririti kompleks sejak turun temurun dari nenek moyang mereka, bila golongan ini mempunyai kuasa sedikit ia tidak boleh dicabar walaupun mereka sebenarnya golongan yang paling patut menyokong tindakan itu. Contohnya ialah, tentang hal guna nama Allah oleh orang Kristian ini, dahulu Nabi S.A.W. tidak pernah larang, tetapi sekarang entah mane2 mereka belajar atau pikir, tiba2 orang kristian tidak boleh panggil tuhan mereka dengan nama Allah.

3 - Sebab ketiga adalah tiada faedah kita melarang mereka berbuat demikian, sudahlah keadaan kita lemah sekarang dengan pelbagai tanggapan negatif yang dilemparkan terhadap Islam, kita hanya memburukkan lagi keadaan yang mengakibatkan seolah-olah Islam ini sempit betul, kurang ilmu dan langsung tidak toleran. Sudahlah Nabi S.A.W. tidak melarang, kita pula nak sibuk2 larang di atas dasar hukum yang kita sendiri wujudkan. Perlulah untuk saya nyatakan di sini, janganlah kita rendahkan martabat agama Islam itu sendiri dalam usaha kita untuk protektif terhadap bangsa kita, kerana saya percaya Nabi S.A.W. atau Allah S.W.T. amat marah akan tindakan ini.

Sekian, Islam itu indah bukan alat untuk segolongan bangsa yang takut pada bayang2 sendiri.