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Vote PAS: You'll be in heaven

The issue is simple, this is the result that a person should get when he support Islam. Islam have prescribe everything in our way of live, even on the manner of how this country should be administered and how the constitution should be. We have a constitution that says, 'this constitution is supreme law of the land, other law against or contradictory, ultra vire, thus becoming null and void, Art. 4 of the Federal Constitution. We have in the constitution that says, this country is a parliamentary democracy country, where people are regarded as the most supreme in this country and no other.

We have Islam that says, that you are a muslim and that you are ought to obey all what has been compelled upon you, in which adherance will entitle you heaven but defiance will grant us hell. We have before us that we must in any way upheld what was given by our God through the devine revelation, al-Quran and through the hadith, conduct and teachings of the prophet, pbuh. Our religion teaches us that we must and under duty to protect Islam with our life, if that is necessary. Further Islam only recognise a country that upheld Allah as the most supreme not human or people, that a country must have Islamic law and all things done must in good faith promotes Islam.

When we say that UMNO people does not promote Islam that they are not really into recognising God's law nor that they want Allah to be the supreme authority in the constitution of this country, we can say that when you do this, you go to hell and when you agaist this you'll go to heaven. Al-Quran and Hadith is quite clear on this, so what is wrong by saying UMNO people go to hell?

Allowing Lina Joy to renounce her religion

This issue has been a hot issue for quite sometime. It is very easy to comprehend. We must note that cases of murtad causes a negative impact on the face of Islam, when people convert out of Islam, thus showing the diminishing credibility of faith in Islam. One's faith in Islam is the work of God, as only Him allows or rejects that someone should have this 'hidayah'. We must also remember that murtad is a serious crime in Islam, that it is punishable with death, upon the attemp to revive the faith through advise.

Given the situation and time that we are living in, do you think that we actually can kill those who are murtad, in this country? The answer is no. Another question is, if you don't allow a no more believer to be called as muslim, will that in fact and also to God imply that she is a muslim? Again, the answer is no.

Many people are not aware that by having alot of people who, as to the law, called muslim, but their hearts doesn't give a shit about Islam is something wrong, from logical sense I suppose. Even one of the Malaysian greatest mufti stated that, what is the point of keeping this non-believers as muslim, it will invite more problems and more damage on the face of Islam. If the image of Islam were damaged by the muslims itself, can you imagine the image of Islam where, those who do not believe are called as muslim.

Even, the Syariah Court, in the state of Ngerei Sembilan have granted many application to convert out of Islam, not on the basis that convertion out of Islam is terribly wrong, but to the point of not keeping these people who are faithless in Islam, to be called muslim. Given that we cannot kill this people, still we call them muslim, we are we going?

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  1. So kalo pakatan rakyat memerintah..hudud akan dilaksanakan?? PKR nak bagi ke?? DAP??lagi la tak bagi..kalo hudud dilaksanakan adakah Lina Joy akan dihukum bunuh?? rasenye tidak gak(berperangla kaum2 kat msia)..jadi patut ade undang-undang yang menghalang org islam untuk keluar islam..anda mahu banyak lagi orang2 islam menjadi murtad??..jgn terlampau liberal dan terlampau bias kepada pakatan rakyat sehingga semua yang diperkatakan dan tingkah laku pemimpin2 pakatan rakyat yang terang2 salah disokong sehingga dapat mencemarkan islam itu sendiri.Islam bukan agama main2..mane leh kuar masuk,kuar masuk..kalo kaum2 murtad ini dibiarkan...mereka akan beranak pinak.sehingga org ramai boleh berfikir yang "ala,lepas masuk islam aku nak masuk kristian,kalo kristian takleh blah aku nak masuk islam balik"...anda nak jadi macam tu?? Sampai satu tahap mereka2 ni dah tak percaya pada tuhan.You as a human being should kuatkan lagi kepercayaan kepada tuhan..bukan mengambil jalan mudah membiarkan mereka terus sesat..satu hari nanti jikalau anak anda murtad.ape yang nak anda lakukan? Biarkan?? ikut human rights?? Ape yang perlu ada di malaysia ini,bukannya parti ataupon kerajaan baru.tetapi muka2 baru yang boleh diharap..sekian.

  2. Well, Mr. gitarisk, I agree that hudud will not be in place near in time as there are many things that we must look upon, in countries such as Malaysia, the execution of any law must be backed by popularity support, as for now, hudud is not favoured by most of the people, not just the non-Muslims but by the Muslims themselves.

    Hudud is an area of which we can found lots of benefit in it, that it is the way God see how people should be punished for the purpose of deterrence and that it is good to my belief as only God, our creator is the rightful one to know what is best for humans.

    This is understood only by a small number of Malays in this country, the fight to make the larger Malays and the non-Muslims to understand is going to be a long painful sacrifice that all who understands should undertake. This will include everyone, PKR, DAP and even UMNO.

    Talking about blindly supporting the Pakatan Rakyat without regard to the cost on Islam, I always believe that, for us to win the hearts of the Muslims and non-Muslims, we must show tolerance, look at our harsh action in response over talks by non-Muslims on Islamic matters, demonstration through the utterance of words that are not so good to hear and also look at the response worldwide on the movie FITNA, where the aggresive response on the video, somehow have made what was intended to be delivered in that video to be true. In fact, it has created fear towards Islam amongst the non-Muslim.

    My Muslims brothers and sisters, we must remember that we are not as strong as we are before, despite having huge number we cannot remain united, that Prophet PBUH have stated that we are now like sea bubbles, useless.

    If what we do, will result in that non-Muslims will fear us, how are we going to see Islam accepted and all part of it implemented. We have no power to enforce but we only have persuasion that we can use in this era of democracy in almost all over the world?

    As to what if my son converts, well he must be treated as how Islam prescribed, that he must be advised, if not he must be killed, but the thing is we cannot kill here in Malaysia. Let him be whatever God chooses what he becomes, after all hidayah belongs to God, the most I can do is pray for him to open his heart.

  3. When we say that UMNO people does not promote Islam that they are not really into recognising God's law nor that they want Allah to be the supreme authority in the constitution of this country, we can say that when you do this, you go to hell and when you against this you'll go to heaven. Al-Quran and Hadith is quite clear on this, so what is wrong by saying UMNO people go to hell? " Your statement are make by your own logic thinking and based on federal constitution pretty sure that you are bias to the Pakatan rakyat..True? walaupon ko berpandukan hadith ataupon al-quran..still only god know that orang-orang yang pergi ke syurga or hell..melainkan yang telah dijamin masuk syurga seperti sahabat2 nabi...setuju? Ulama2 PAS yang bagi statement yang org Umno ini masuk neraka hanya berfikir mengikut akal sejengkal mereka sahaja.inilah yang dipanggil wahyu akal..dapat wahyu melalui otak bukannya Jibril..The guidance that GOD give is only a GUIDE "contohnya sifat2 orang munafik" bercakap bohong.tetapi hanya Yang ESA je yang tahu kebenarannya.If you based on logic it will become like the Ulama2 plitik...bukannya ulama2 yang betul2 meperjuangkan islam.

  4. Mudah sahaja perkara ini, tiada siapa yang tahu sesiapa masuk surga atau neraka, ini hak tuhan yang kita terbatas keatasnya.

    Tetapi cuba kita lihat contoh ini, kita nampak orang mencuri dan pada waktu tersebut kita bagitau anak kita bahawa orang itu masuk neraka, adakah itu tidak betul? Bukanlah itu yang kita fikir bahawa pasti dia masuk neraka tetapi tindakannya itu jelas salah disisi agama dan kesannya ialah hukumannya diakhirat kelak dia akan masuk neraka. Betul dia masuk neraka kelak kita tidak tahu, manu tau dia taubat Allah terima taubat dia, mungkin masuk syurga.

    Dalam hal politik sebegini, Allah telah menetapkan bahawa kalau seseorang itu melakukan sesuatu tindakan yang bertentangan dengan Islam bahawa dia akan masuk neraka, bukanlah suatu kepastian, tuhan telah memberi garispanduan di dalam al-Quran dan Hadith.

    Apabila orang UMNO menyokong dan menegakkan isu2 seperti Perlembagaan kita yang terang2 bertentangan dengan Islam yang memerlukan secara legalnya kita mengiktiraf Allah sebagai kuasa yang paling mutlak dan undang2 Islam dilaksanakan bukannya menegakkan manusia adalah paling supreme di dalam negara demokrasi, sebenarnya tindakan ini bertentangan dengan Islam dan melakukannya tentu dapat balasan neraka. Kepastian betul mereka masuk neraka bukan hak kita tapi dengan panduan yang ada diberi, adakah salah untuk berkata begitu?

    Yang sokong demokrasi bukan UMNO sahaja, PKR dan DAP pun sama, tetapi agak berbeza dari segi PAS. Dalam keadaan masa kini, bukannya mudah untuk kita mahu semua mengikut Islam, bukanlah senang bagi UMNO atau PAS untuk menegakkan undang2 Islam, banyak faktor perlu kita lihat, antaranya:

    1. Bahawa kita sekarang duduk dalam negara demokrasi, dimina pilihan undang2 diteteapkan oleh rakyat, rakyat Malaysia bukannya majoriti yang amat besar muslim, sokongan teradap negara Islam ni susah.

    2. Walaupun Islam majoriti, hanya sedikit sahaja yang mahu undang2 Islam dikalangan Islam itu, yang tak mahu sama ada tak mahu atau tidak memahami kebaikan yang mendatangkan penerimaan untuk undang2 Islam itu.

    3. Untuk tukar sistem negara kita kepada sistem Islam adalah suatu perkara yang amat sukar, banyak perkara perlu kita lihat. Dalam masa singkat tidak mungkin, boleh dalam masa yang panjang, walaupun begitu kalaulah tidak ada penerimaan secara rela, tidak mungkin sistem Islam itu dapat bertahan.

    Kesimpulannya, walaupun banyak halangan janganlah kita berputus asa atau meninggalkan terus sistem sekarang kerana pilihan kita kini agak terbatas, kita masih memerlukan mahkamah yang menggunakan perinsip sekular dan kristian yang ada sekarang, tetapi pada masa sama kita tidak harus berhenti suapaya undang2 Islam menjadi kenyataan.

    Kita tunjuk contoh baik, biar orang bukan Islam nampak keindahan Islam, biar pun lama, Islam mengikut janji Nabi SAW akan naik jua suatu hari nanti, Insyallah...