Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rokok price hike: Good thing but bad for me!

It was yesterday that I had the chance to buy my last pack of winston-red-20's (hope this will be the last), I prepared enough MYR 7.80 and I was informed by the shop guy, "...not any more, now it's MYR 8.50..", in my heart I said "WTF!", then immediately I tender extra cash for it.

"Insane!", the proper word to use to describe this hike, but what can all smokers do, it's not a good thing (to smoke) after all. Now, I'm setting my mind to quit smoking, what I do, I roll the cigarette myself, hope by the time comes, I should be able to lead this life cigarette free.

Those who know me out there, pray for my success, truly I can save a lot by not smoking winston today. I save MYR 8-50 today, that's a great value, hahaha...

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