Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It is not easy to make a choice about your work...

I has been three years and six months time for by Bachelor of Legal Studies, which supposedly end within that three years but I took extra six months to get it done. Still I am not sure what is the outcome, these two last subjects is giving me all the headache as to the time you have to extend in order to complete this degree.

I can say that those who extend at the end of their degree time - they lost many things as I do, most of all, friends, they are not gone forever, it is just that they go on their separate ways as we and those who pass in time just do not have the same concern.

I am still waiting for my results for these last two subjects, one of which is my third seating paper, I do not know, how it is possible for me to sit for this paper three times and the other one of which I spoiled on study before exams. It's pain to fail a paper that you cannot find a way to fail.

But there are some good news despite being a loner now, extension with only two subjects allowed me to work and I have gotten myself my first property that is my bike, quite expensive, but I am dying to afford to pay for this bike now. Every time I look at my pain all the pain is just gone, compensated by its beauty, it is like your love when you love something you brace the pain and you love doing it.

Now, I am at a crossroad, to figure what to do afterward. It's weird that I used to forecast and devise plans for others but when it comes to me facing my own options - I am unable to decide, I do not know what I want. What I am sure of and make me move is that in this world all of us will have things to bear and to be accountable for. This is the only reason - as for now - give strength for me to continue.

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