Sunday, August 23, 2009

If war is what they want, then, so be it...

This is a piece of writing that I feel somehow must be read with care and with full understanding. We must never forget the very fact that the world that we are living in today is all based on when most of the people say so. Thus do to this fact, there are some quarters of the societies who are rather called as those who choose the unnatural way of doing things against what is natural as prescribed by God.

God have made it clear that they are certain rules that we must abide in order to serve these purposes that somehow not for us to comprehend because of simple fact that we are not God. We are humans, the extent of our reach is only those as allowed to happen by God, regardless of the fact that those things that goes beyond happen. A simple way to say it here is that, everything happens only at the will of God, despite it go against what God have set the limits before us. As an example, child raping is something not allowed by God, but it happens.

We are only small creatures of all the creatures that was created by God. The logical principle here is that, when a person creates something, he and no other understands his creation and no other at best to tell or comprehend in and absolute way of the concerned creation. This assumption is some rebut-able when it is used on Proton and the cars that they produced but take it this way, Mercedez Benz, one of the top car manufacturer understand very well about its creation, I mean, the cars that they produced, can Proton be expected to understand those creations unless they were told about it. This is an example on humans, now back to God, we will only understand things in this world when God tells us about it, if not, then we can figure it out but subject to the limits that were clearly laid before us.

Back to the advantage of what most people say is correct, I think these quarters of people that I have spoken of, are in the act of desperation, calling others who are actually not them, in their pursuit of some sort of recruitment, thus increasing their support and justifying their way of looking at things and act the way as they deems fit.

Looking at it carefully, it is a clear cut psychological war and if we, those who refer themselves to the natural order of things, unable to see this, we somehow may fall into being them and thus be a victim of their attempts of becoming established and strong, because of having the support of most of the people.

Many may not have the comprehension of what I am trying to say here, just apply it to your everyday situation, it is lucky enough that we allow these people to live with what they believe and feel, if not they may have always end their lives in the gallows in some countries.

Till then, the natural way of thins must be uphold at all cost in necessary...

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  1. I like this piece though I am still unclear of who are you referring it to.. But I like it..

    About the comments, why child raping is the example? why not Allah asks us to pray but we don't.. :)

    anyway, keep it the good work of writing..