Saturday, August 22, 2009

Islam in Malaysia...

Before I proceed with this writing, I must say that negative comments and perceptions are somehow expected. What am I about to say, not for me to judge as the final and absolute truth, but suffice to say, people will become very incited with the feeling of calling others as blasphemous.

Malaysia was formed on the basis that it is a democratic country and constitutional monarchy, this can be traced in the Federal Constitution, enough said. The social contract claimed by certain quarters of the people of this country says that Malays are the owner of this country, having the political control over this nation. This in implication, tell us that this country is a Muslim country because those who are in-charge more to its political powers are Muslims and well it is guided by socio-economical Islamic maintenance over the majority Muslim population.

If we were to truly look at the notion of Islamic country, we must first understand the very basic required of an Islamic country. In Islam, the most supreme is the one God, that is Allah. In everything that a Muslim do is labored into serving the purpose of your existence for God. As for a country, the country serve God, in its simple language. An Islamic country will in its most supreme law admit that the most supreme is Allah and no others. This will bring in the other obligations supposedly be expected of an Islamic country, to have God's law be practiced and assumed as the Supreme law of the nation.

But what we have in Malaysia is a country akin to parliamentary democratic country, taken example from the British system and having the common law in practiced and assumed as the supreme law of the nation. This is clearly seen in the Constitution. Despite Art. 3 of the federal Constitution states that, Islam is the religion of the federation, still they are many other provisions that will show a contradictory from the literary meaning of Art.3. Looking at the practice of the laws in this country, Islamic law are practice in a very peculiar way, through the Shariah Court, having a very limited jurisdiction upon the Muslims, as such the punishment allowed to be prescribed to the convicted offenders are confined within the limits of the ratio 2:3:6, meaning fine RM 2000, imprisonment not exceeding 3 months and caning not exceeding 6 strokes.

If these are to be compared with what the common and civil law of this country allow in respect of its jurisdiction, it is like comparing the heavens and the earth. Still people say that Islam prevails, here I don't see Islam prevails, I see Islam deprived in a very humiliating way! The rulers continue to say that they have been the protectors of Islam, the word rulers does not refer to the Sultans but rather the political control enjoyed by the ruling government, but in reality they have failed such tasks. Islam is not about building big mosque, Islam is about when you by your conduct not merely by promise and words say that you upheld God as the most supreme over everything else, to be clear against the laws that are not Islamic in nature. This is missing in this country.

Back to Islamic country, but here I feel like talking on the duties of the Muslims in an Islamic country and a kuffar country. In Islamic country, the systems where the people in it are Muslims, they have to upheld every principles in Islam including in the law and administration but in kuffar country you do not have such duties, as what you need to accomplish is your basic compulsory requirements towards God, that are your prayers, your fasting, your zakat, to the extent as allowed by that country as you are residing and having protection in that country.

Looking at us I don't think that we are actually living in an Islamic country, the real and simple way to say it is that we are living in a kuffar country, why because our official sworn to protect the constitution as the most supreme law in this country, and our constitution says, being a democratic country, that people is most supreme not God, despite that our predesessor leader kindly put the clause in RUKUN NEGARA, kepercayaan kepada tuhan as one of the most important element as it is the first that must be mentioned, still, that does not deny the very fact that this country does not admit Allah as master but rather the people.

Now, when the people like Nik Aziz questioned about the extent of how Islam is one over the other, the reference is exactly on the reasons that I have stated above and no other. It is true that none may judge others before God, but here we are living in a real world, where reasons are everything for our existence. Is it suffice to say that we cannot judge others when you have the power of reason to justify such action? To give much clear perspective, God have made promise that those who does not promotes God teachings and rulings will inevitably be in hell? There are guidelines set by God, they are clear, why we refuse to look into them? What actually that we are supporting people for or otherwise?

Whatever you do will not deter you from learning that you are convincing yourself with something clearly not the truth...

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